CNU Orlando Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2004 Meeting
by Christi Elflein

Meeting took place at the Urban Think bookstore

Items Discussed:

1. CNU Florida – Statewide Meeting
The first annual statewide meeting will be held on January 13-14 at Rollins College. Geoffrey Mouen volunteered to approach Celebration for sponsorship of the event. Everyone else was asked to please approach the company that they work for or anyone else they thought might be interested in sponsoring the event.

2. CNU Florida – 2004 Guidebook to New Urbanism Projects in Florida
The Guidebook will be updated for the conference. The current list of projects was reviewed and additional projects were suggested. The update will include examples of “old urbanism.” The group suggested possibly including Thorton Park, Winter Park, College Park, and Winter Garden. Kevin Tyjeski volunteered to be the contact for the write-up of the downtown neighborhoods.

3. Virtual Field Trip
Jodi Rutmann presented a slide show of Chicago photos taken during the CNU conference.

Next Meeting
October 19th, Urban Think, 5:30 pm (Third Tuesday). Geoffrey Mouen will present a virtual field trip of Celebration.

Sara Forelle volunteered to present London, Paris, and Belgium photos for the November meeting’s virtual field trip.