A word from the Chair:

Let me extend a warm thank you to all who attended the CNU Florida Statewide Meeting in Downtown Tampa, October 3-4, 2019.  This conference continues to be the premier New Urbanist event in the state of Florida, the birthplace of our movement. If you have not yet attended a Statewide Meeting, I can promise you captivating speakers, innovative ideas, and welcoming colleagues who, like you, are dedicated to making Florida a better place.

Our new board of directors—including Vice Chair Billy Hattaway, Treasurer Eliza Harris Juliano, Secretary Michelle Zehnder, and At-Large Director Debra Hempel—took the organization’s helm last fall. We are prioritizing improved communications to and among our members. Our newsletter is the first of what we aim to provide to CNU Florida members every other month.

Rick Geller, CNU Florida Chair
Winter Park, FL

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CNU Florida’s 2019 Statewide Meeting

Highlights from CNU Florida’s 2019 Statewide Meeting

Oct. 3-4, 2019 – Downtown Tampa

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